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What Our Clients Say

Dear Dr. Csank,
Words cannot describe how happy I am with the results of my surgery. If I had known the results would be so great, and the post-op pain so minimal, I would’ve done it years ago. Thank you so much,

– Fran

Dear Dr. Michaels,
I cannot thank you enough for the treatment I received at your facility. Every step of the process was a pleasure. Thank you for spending the time to understand my goals, and to explain your surgical procedures. Your staff was extremely attentive, warm and caring. I am so happy with my “de-wrinkled” look. I feel so lucky to have had my surgery with you. Thank you again.

– Phyllis

Dear Dr. Michaels

My experience was FAR more than I expected. The experience was so pleasant. I am deeply greatful for you care.

– Thomas

I was very impressed and pleased with the staff. They made me feel very comfortable. I would absolutely recommend Berkshire Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Center to a family member or friend!!


– Jean

I love my new look! Thanks to Dr. Michaels, Dr. Korn, Bruce, Cari and Olivia. I’ve already told my friends about it all. Thanks SO much everyone!

– Roberta

The nurse and staff were great. I truly appreciate Dr. Michaels sense of humor.

– Karen

Dr. Michaels

Don’t change a thing; you have a very well oiled machine.

– Ed

Dr. Michaels is a wonderful doctor. His staff is professional, caring and empathetic.

– Jayne

Dear Dr. Csank

The care I recieved was the best I have ever had. Everyone was outstanding.

– Karlyn

Dear Dr.Csank

I look forward to coming back!

– Denise

Dear Dr. Michaels;

Words cannot begin to convey how happy I am with my recent breast reduction. My decision to have this surgery was the right choice and because of your excellent credentials and expertise, you have made me a very happy patient. I am blessed to have such a wonderful doctor. I am so happy to not have back pain, I feel so much lighter, and I love how my clothes fit!!!


– -Mary